Dear Partner,

Warm greetings from Aitken Spence Hotels!

With every challenge comes a clean slate for growth and evolvement. Whether it is a personal challenge, a community encounter or a global concern, it is in our DNA to change, adapt and steer the course towards continuity.

As we continue to confront the challenges posed by the surprising intruder that has unsettled the world – COVID-19 – we are inspired by the many ways people have come together to adjust their lifestyles, support and encourage each other and innovate; all contributing towards flattening the curve and keeping afloat our economies.

This optimism is carried through at all our hotels and resorts, as we prepare to welcome you back, with open arms and heartfelt smiles. They say the strength of a person is best judged by the manner in which they face adversities; and our teams at all our resorts in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Oman are empowered to roll out a safe and memorable holiday for you and your guests.

The well-being of our guests and associates is of paramount importance. Collectively, the Company has taken stringent measures to enact elevated precautionary operational protocols that address heightened safety and health, to give our guests peace of mind regarding future stays. These protocols are based on international and local health and safety guidelines and have been enhanced by our in-house experts to provide you, a safe environment. Rest assured, we will actively monitor and evolve our solutions as necessary.

This document is a summary of our initiatives to inspire you, our valued and discerning partners, to book your future stays with us, and help us make your travel dreams come true.


Susith Jayawickrama
Managing Director

  • During these challenging times, we are offering extra flexibility and support for all new reservations with flexi cancellation policy up to 24-hours prior to arrival for 2020.
  • Our online portal is fully active for bookings with updated rates and offerings, and details on our cancellation policies
  • All guests will be subjected to temperature check prior to entering the hotel / resort; whilst in the Maldives, the temperature check will be done prior to boarding the transfer vessel (speedboat / seaplane)
  • If a guest shows temperature above 37.6 ⁰C, he/she will be directed to local healthcare experts and upon confirmation of safety, will be escorted to the designated resort
  • For our guests in the Maldives, the receipt of on-arrival PCR test should be submitted to our representative prior to boarding the transfer vessel. Mask and sanitising prior to boarding the vessel is compulsory
  • All transfer vessels will be disinfected as per standards. The designated transport providers will be equipped with mask and gloves; and will be confirmed safe with temperature checks and PCR tests
  • Guest baggage will be handled by trained staff with gloves and will be disinfected with spray prior to sending same to your accommodation
  • For guests in our hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, India and Oman, valet parking will not be available until further notice
  • All guests are required to submit the duly filled Health Declaration Form at check-in to assure safety of all guests and associates
  • – Copy of Passport /Passports – information Page
    – Copy of passport page which contain the last Immigration stamp from the departure of origin
    – Country / City and State of departure
    – Travel history for last 21 days – International (which countries)
    – If quarantined in any other country for last 30 days,
    – Certificate of completion of quarantine period
    – Reason for being quarantined (Close contact with COVID-19 patient or due to travel from High risk country/place, etc)
  • As per safety guidelines, our welcome will be a traditional welcome with hands clasped. No handshakes will take place at the hotels/resorts
  • For couple, family or group check-ins, we request the presence of only one guest from the party to approach the Front Desk for verification. Areas will be demarcated for queuing
  • We encourage our guests to use their own pen for signatures, where necessary. However, sanitised stationary will be provided by the hotel/resort as well
  • Hand sanitisers or alcohol rub will be made available at the counter
  • Welcome drink will be served in a sealed cup for your safety
  • We encourage guests to inform Front Desk of checkout times 12-hours in advance to keep ready the necessary documentation to expedite processes
  • We discourage the use of cash at checkout. A sanitised tray will be provided to place the credit card. Bills will be provided with sanitised pens for signature
  • We discourage the use of paper bills. The bills will be emailed upon guest confirmation.
  • Please note that mandatory daily temperature checks will be conducted for all guests and associates throughout their stay, at each outlet
  • Our accommodation unites have been sanitized and cleaned following health and safety protocols
  • In order to minimise contact, cleaning service will be provided every three-days, unless requested otherwise, by trained associates using hospital-grade disinfectants wearing the necessary gloves, masks and protective gear
  • All surfaces – hard and soft – will be cleaned with precision to detail, using hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Extra care will be exercised in the care for linen and towels following international guidelines
  • Our laundry service will be made available during the given hours and delivered with care without contact
  • In-room dining order will be specially packaged and delivered to your room without contact. Appreciate if the guest receives same at door as our associates will not enter your room/villa. Once done, please leave your trays outside for pick up. Limited in-room dining menu available
  • Amenities will be sanitised prior to check-in and will be replenished only when required
  • We will rest each accommodation unit for 72-hours between stays.
  • We request all guests to pre-confirm your presence at the restaurant to make necessary table arrangements for the nos of pax
  • Groups and couples will be seated in clusters as per the pre-confirmed numbers
  • To-go breakfast boxes are available for guests who prefer to dine in their room/villas
  • Based on the number of guests in-house, the resorts will offer laminated a la carte menu instead of buffet meals to promote safety. These will be wiped clean after each use. Where possible, we will host action stations to provide freshly prepared meals
  • For restaurants providing buffet meals, floor markings will be arranged to facilitate compliance with physical distancing
  • The restaurants and bars will also adhere to a regulated number of guests for safe distancing. We will operate on several sittings depending on demand and occupancy
  • Seating areas have been rearranged maintaining sufficient distance as per applicable health guidelines
  • Sanitisers are made available at entry/exit for all guests
  • All restaurants and bars will undergo deep cleaning daily for your safety. All cutlery and crockery will be sanitised following international guidelines. Doorknobs and rough surfaces will be sanitised regularly
  • We follow an enhanced sanitation guideline aligned with Company’s food safety policy at all restaurants and bars.
  • As per Governmental instructions, please note that the pool, spas and gym facilities will remain closed in until further notice at our hotels in India and Oman.
  • In Sri Lanka, the pool facilities will be accessible; and only the gyms and spas will remain closed, excluding treatment facilities at Heritance Ayurveda.
  • The facilities will open as per local Government regulations and instructions
  • We have identified key public spaces and high touch areas/surfaces within our resorts. These areas will be cleaned frequently using hospital-grade disinfectants and follow a rigorous cleaning protocol.
  • Our guests are requested to maintain safe distancing in the elevators. Safety instructions on the use of elevators will be marked clearly with number of passengers allowed at any given time. Disinfectants will be provided for guest use.
  • Our resorts will offer a limited list of excursions considering guest safety.
  • In resorts offering buggy services, it will be wiped with disinfectant after each use.
  • All attendees will be subjected to temperature monitoring at entrance
  • For conferences and meetings with international participants, the demography will be assessed. Adequate documentation if required should be shared with the hotel/resort ahead of the planned event
  • Room seating and configuration will be done considering physical distancing. Minimum one-meter distance will be kept between seats. Please note that room capacity will change from the previously shared
  • Tea/ coffee stations will be provided for consumption
  • All surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly, following international guidelines
  • Public bathrooms and areas will see continuous and visible cleaning
  • Valet parking will not be available for functions due to safety concerns
  • All team members will follow enhanced sanitation guidelines when conducting cleaning of all areas of the premises.
  • Our cleaning team will wear disposable masks, gloves and gowns when cleaning rooms or public areas, and will dispose of same in a pre-determined manner.
  • As with our guests, our team will also undergo daily temperature checks.
  • Reinforcement of personal hygiene measures through training.
  • Promoting frequent and effective handwashing and sanitation amongst all staff members.
  • Our kitchen team has undergone refresher training on food hygiene principals during curfew/lockdown period and follow ISO 22000/HACCP guidelines.
  • Physical distancing in the work environment / stations will be maintained and monitored.
  • Staff members are required to fill a health declaration form and keep the management informed of any illness or symptoms and not report for duty. To return to duty, such staff members are required to produce negative PCR report confirmed by a professional healthcare worker.
  • All resort teams have been trained on emergency protocol in case of guests or associate showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • An emergency protocol has been identified per each resort with team member mapping, in case of emergency to ensure continuation of the services
  • Each resort has a Special Task Force led by the General Manager who will take lead if such a situation occurs. Crisis Communication Team at Head Office will be informed, along with Tour Operator / Agent
  • If a guest or associate shows signs synonymous with COVID-19, we will adhere to national authority guidelines in caring for the said guest or associate
  • The guest / associates showing signs will be isolated and treated following local health guidelines
  • Other guests and associates who have had close contact with said guest / associate will be monitored as per local and international health guidelines and will be self-quarantined
  • All resorts have either an in-house doctor or a doctor-on-call for emergencies; and work closely with local and national bodies to assure safety and in mitigating contagion

Our focus as a hospitality company with deep roots in the tourism sector has now been reformed to not only provide our guests with a holiday experience unlike any other, but also to include heightened focus on health and safety.

We will continue to place high importance on facilitating measures to ensure optimal health and sanitary conditions. The outlined initiatives in this document will be actively monitored and evolve as and when necessary, in lieu of our continued focus on health and safety.

In these globally uncertain times, we cohesively believe that it is our collective unity and fight against the pandemic that would support the international movement of mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

We applaud global health care professionals for their service, and we look forward to a brighter and more sustainable future, for all of us and our future generation.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our resorts, soon, with our traditional hallmark hospitality and personalised service to celebrate authenticity in travel.

See you soon!

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